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7 Prop ideas for kids photography

8th Feb, 2015 ALL, Top Tips

Great props for little ones’ photography don’t have to be anything fancy, just a few simple props can add tons of personality to your photos, they can be fun, personal, colourful or classic. Props can be anything from a child’s cuddly toy to your sofa and everything in-between, from sunglasses or hats to chalk to feathers. Here are a few of my fave’s


Draw a chalk crown

Let them draw chalk on the walls

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Hats & cuddly toys make fun and personal props


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_MG_4127 final big shot 1200px

Children love balloons and they add a splash of colour. Bunches of balloons are great too!

big shot 1200px

Wooden props look great in photos. A wooden chair or a rocking horse will work well because little ones love to sit on them and it keeps them in one place.

Blowing feathers or glitter can make pretty shots too. These are a bit tricky to blow for really little ones but they can look pretty just being dusted in little hands too. 

For more prop ideas, pop over to my PINTEREST board. Thanks for visiting!