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Surrey Family Photography | Bushy Park

A few weeks ago in August, I met this lovely family in Bushy Park,¬†Surrey¬†for a family photo shoot. It was a beautiful sunny day and the kids were very excited and with plenty of space to run around and lots to see (there were plenty of animals from deer to baby rabbits), they had a great time! It was a fun shoot, we laughed lots. By the end of the shoot, the kids were quite into the idea of taking photos and wanted to have a go too so they adopted their parents’ mobile phones and took on the role as mini photographers. Here are some of my fave images from the shoot, with a few at the end of the kids taking shots!

IMG_6622 final s

IMG_6623 final s

IMG_6633 final s

IMG_6657 final s

IMG_6704 final v2

IMG_6731 final s

IMG_6817 final s

IMG_6786 final s

IMG_6764 final s

IMG_6936 final s

IMG_7059 final

IMG_7012 final s

IMG_7177 final s

IMG_7169 final s

IMG_7131 final s

IMG_7234 final s

IMG_6956 final s

IMG_7200 final s

IMG_7204 final s

IMG_7213 final


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