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My home-studio is based in Epsom, Surrey, however, it’s fully portable so it’s no problem to bring it to you and set it up in your space. Maybe you're part of an organisation that needs headshots for multiple employees, or just super-busy and need something more convenient.

There are a few things that need to be considered first and I will do my best to make everything as simple and straightforward for you! 

This page contains details about What to Consider, a Booking Form & FAQs. Take a look around and if you have any questions then don't hesitate to get in touch!

“Paula was easy to work with, effective and catered well for what we needed as a business. The photos turned out really well and everyone was super-happy! 
We would definitely recommend her!” 

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Bringing the Studio to You

The equipment folds down pretty small and is easily transportable. Here’s the kit I’ll bring with me, along with my camera and your choice of backdrop. Your headshots won’t look any less professional to those taken in the studio.

Corporate Headshots Kit-3

What to consider

1. Suitable Space

I’ll need a space with a minimum size 4m x 4m to set up in. Ideally it will have plenty of natural light and be decorated in a light / neutral colour to avoid any colour-casting on the images.

For adult headshots, the minimum ceiling height is 2.5m to enable them to stand for the shoot, and the studio light be positioned correctly. If the ceiling is lower, it may still be possible to go ahead with subjects sitting on a step ladder / stool. 

Please provide a few photos / 360 video of the room at the same time of day that the session will take place so I can check the lighting is suitable beforehand. All details will be discussed and confirmed prior to booking.

2. Timings

  • Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes to bring the studio equipment to the location and set everything up
  • Time for the shoot itself (as agreed with photographer) 
  • 45 minutes for photographer to pack up

The shoot needs to take place during daylight hours. 4pm is the latest finish time during winter months.

3. Preparing your team

  1. Give staff the heads up that a photographer will be in, so they can prepare beforehand and look their best on the day. They will feel much more confident during the shoot and this will show in their headshots. 
  2. Remind staff to come in any particular clothes, outfits, colours, branded items you'd like reflected in the photos
  3. Try to avoid very light colours on a light background as they will blend in and the final image will have less impact. 
  4. Share my blog post How to Prepare for your Professional Headshot in 7 Easy Steps by clicking here
  5. If there are lost of people having photos taken that day, I recommend drawing up a schedule so that staff have a time slot to aim for. I can help advise on timings, depending on your businesses needs.


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It really depends on what you need; how much time you have, how many people need headshots and what the set up on the day is going to be. Just get in touch with your requirements and I will figure out some options for you.

I'm based in Epsom, Surrey but happy to travel to your place of work in London or across the UK.

A reasonable fee to cover additional time and expenses may be required.

That's no problem at all, I can come with a camera and minimal equipment if there's a suitable spot with natural light we can use.

For professional studio headshots, there is a minimum spend of £595. The more headshots you have, the less they cost.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and I'll happily provide a quote.

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