About me

This is me, Paula

Wife, mum of two, Photography Institute graduate, light chaser, story-teller. Photographer of honest moments, creative story-telling images and real emotions.

If time, money, school hols or Covid weren't part of the equation, you may find me skiing in Whistler, snorkeling in St Lucia or roller blading along the Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France :-)

Originally from London, I currently live in Epsom, Surrey with my husband, two kids and our mischievous cat, Trixie.

“We had the best experience with Paula. She was so friendly which put us at ease for the photoshoot. We are delighted with the photos she took and plan to use her again. Thanks so much Paula!”
(Facebook review)

My Story

My Inspiration

I’d been interested in photography for a long time before I studied it. Early in my career, I’d worked in marketing roles where I got to work with some pretty interesting photographers. Watching them in action really inspired me but I got really motivated to learn when I had children. Being a mum meant the world to me. I had a DSLR camera but I didn’t how to use it properly – I wanted to be able to record the precious moments in my children’s life and then revisit them over and over and I wanted to remember them as beautifully as they’d felt to me when they actually happened. And to add my own creative element to them. 


So, I studied with the Photography Institute and then I practiced; first on family, then on my friends, the on other families and on strangers and I honed my technique. I kept practicing and eventually I got really good at capturing well-timed shots of people.

Finding my Style

But I didn’t stop there. I was constantly looking to improve and took part in a daily 365 photo project for a couple of years where I developed my own style. Formed in 2014, Paula Deegan Photography came about organically after people started noticing my skill and then asking me to take photos for them too.

Continuous Growth

To this day I still love photographing people and I still continuously strive to grow as a photographer. I often take classes, try new techniques, learn about other artists and visit galleries (Covid allowing). I love being able to use this knowledge and passion to create beautiful, emotive images of your family using light, raw emotion and movement to inspire them.

Why choose me?

So, if you’re looking for a photographer who is passionate about telling your story and who will go the extra mile to capture something unique & special for you - then look no further.

My Approach

It’s all about you! I’m focused on making your experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible and achieving images in which you feel happy and at ease!

1. Firstly, my photo sessions are super-relaxed and friendly.

2. The preparation, lead-up and the photo shoot itself is a partnership between you and me. I listen to your goals and reservations and walk you through the best way to prepare for your shoot and how to get the best out of it!

3. I make everything as easy as possible for you – I offer guidance on what to wear, shoot location, tips on getting the kids to cooperate during the session (if your kids are involved) and offer both digital files, cropped to size in various resolutions, plus a range of stunning, high quality gallery framed prints & wall galleries to fit different sizes spaces.

4. I am not a clock-watcher but I am time sensitive. I appreciate that you might have to rush off after the session; that your kids have a time limit when it comes to having their photo taken or that you might need your headshots before the end of the week!

5. My photoshoots are a process; there’s a warm-up period where we get used to one another and try a few different ideas and angles. With headshots I will show you the back of the camera from time-to-time to make sure you’re happy with the direction I’m taking and we can make adjustments along the way.

6. Once we get going, I take lots of photos so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

A bit more about me…

Paula Deegan Photography

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