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I bet baby C and her lovely Mum this week. Had fun doing a home shoot with her using just a few simple props including a white duvet cover, a hooded towel and a teddy. It’s best to keep equipment to a minimum when shooting little ones as they move around so much so the white duvet makes a perfect reflector. It is of course very exhausting have your photo taken when your not even 1 yet so baby C had a little sleep in the middle of her shoot while Mum took a few mins to relax and I took a few shots of her sleeping.

Home shoots are perfect for babies as long as there’s plenty of light. Babies feel happiest at home and the light you get photographing by a large window is so pretty and pure – it’s perfect for baby shots! And it’s brought out her AMAZING blue eyes! She’s a little beauty!

Baby with beautiful blue eyes

_MG_4067 final big shot 1200px

_MG_4127 final big shot 1200px


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